Siparium Sporting’s New Blog

Shooting ProfileWelcome!  As I’m sure is patently obvious to most, this is the first post on our new blog!  My name is Simon, and I’m the founder and sporting agent at Siparium Sporting.

Siparium Sporting is a small sporting agency based in Cirencester in the Cotswolds.  We provide a bespoke service to our shooting clients and also offer consultancy services to shoot owners.  The ethos of the agency is built around the enjoyment of shooting, camaraderie, and maximising the conservational benefits which shooting can bring to an area.  Our very first project was working with a beautiful grouse moor in North Yorkshire – developing a syndicate of like-minded guns so as to provide the funding for a focused recovery and regeneration project.  If we can manage that, we can help you too!

We hope that this blog will help to give you an insight into what we do and what we can offer.  Even better if you find it interesting as well as informative along the way.  As well as posting about what we’re getting up to on the shoots, we anticipate that the blog will provide us an opportunity to share all of our passions to do with shooting.  From cooking to conservation and guns to gundogs.

First up, tomorrow, will be our ultimate pheasant stew!  I’m a firm believer that we should lead the way as keen shooters and eat plenty of game.  If you hang the birds for just a day or two, this recipe is a great way to introduce friends to the wonderful world of game.

Forthampton First Drive

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