How to solve a problem like Mr Packham?

Here at Siparium Sporting, we feel that the rather difficult issue of Chris Packham’s recent videos must be touched upon. In these videos, currently circulating around social media, he calls (yet again, Ed.) for the banning of driven Grouse shooting.  He also calls grouse which are sold in the supermarket chains M&S and Iceland as ‘toxic’.

Now, Mr Packham is of course entitled to his own opinion as is everyone, but he consistently ignores the hard evidence put before him by organisation such as the Countryside Alliance, BASC, the National Gamekeepers Organisation, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Moorland Association. It seems almsot unbelievable that he would create such ill-informed and biased videos that fly in the face of scientifically credible evidence.

So… what can we do to help? The most important tool we have is to educate ourselves with as much information from both sides of the debate. Doing this will develop a well rounded understanding the topics and issues that face not just grouse shooting but all types of country pursuits. Furthermore, if you happen to come across a person who has a different point of view you can have a civil conversation with them and explain to them the HUGE benefit both to the environment and to the economy these activities generate. Rather than having a screaming match and calling each other names, theses confrontations should be used by us the sporting enthusiast to educate and make these people understand why we enjoy the sport and the benefits it can produce.


Ed. Andrew suggested including a link to Mr Packham’s latest video or the Countryside Alliance’s recent release regarding the topic… Here is the latter suggestion: CLICK HERE and also CLICK HERE

We also highly recommend arming yourself with the knowledge contained within the GWCT’s Berwyn Report: CLICK HERE