A Passion for Cigars

It’s just gone noon and the guns are gathered around the rear of a Range Rover, each one eagerly burrowing through a Fortnum’s hamper in the hope that there’s one last sausage roll left. The team are shooting through, so a brief break in the field constitutes lunch. A couple of yards away there is contented looking man, clad in tweed, feet sheathed in a pair of muddy Hunter wellies; he has an overly exuberant spaniel at his side. Whilst the others are fighting over bits of pastry and meat, this man is taking a moment to enjoy one of life’s most wonderful pleasures – a fine cigar. He’ll nibble on whatever’s left, he’s more than happy with a bit of cake and cheese. But a cigar, this time a little Partagas Short, is bringing him much enjoyment – and a brief respite from the carnage unfolding behind the shoot captain’s vehicle. He draws on the cigar, enjoys the flavours as they swirl around his mouth, and gazes longingly across a valley which could have been purpose designed for showing fantastic pheasants. ‘I hope the next drive provides as much sport as the last,’ he thinks to himself. He looks at his cocker, which has spotted that his owner has let his guard down. ‘Go on boy, you chase that squirrel, I’m just enjoying the moment…’

I’m sure many of you can relate to the image of tranquility painted above. Of course, cigars can be equally as sociable too; the guns gathered together, passing the cutter and lighter around, enjoying camaraderie and a Cuban.

But what of that Partagas Short? A wonderful cigar – indeed I would rank it amongst the very best you can lay your hands on. They’re good value and pack more flavour and punch into a few short inches of hand-rolled tobacco than one could possibly imagine. One for an experienced smoker, perhaps – though with ten years in the humidor they can soften enough to be enjoyed by anyone. I certainly wouldn’t entertain smoking them too young, as they can be a little brash and abrasive. Five years should see them to a point that the really aggressive bitterness has given way to a much more rounded power, and the smorgasbord of flavours will have had a chance to mingle and develop in harmony. A perfect accompaniment to musing about the next drive…

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I’m hoping that these occasional meanderings through the mind of a sportsman cigar blogger will be of interest to the followers of Siparium Sporting’s blog. As ever with these things, feedback is most welcome, please do comment below! Perhaps you have a favourite cigar for in the field?

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